Build school for poor childrens

Build school for poor childrens

The rate of illiteracy amongst the youths in Nigeria is alarming. Many children from our community have been forced to drop out of school because their parents cannot afford the school fees and other costs associated with education. It is a known fact that no society can progress without education.

Out-of-school child

At Giving Back to Community, we aim to promote quality education for the betterment of our community. The ultimate goal of this organization is to use education as a weapon to bring about significant change in Nigeria. With your help, we can make a difference! You can help us fund educational opportunities for children who otherwise would not be able to go to school. It only takes a small donation to make a big impact.


  • School building renovation
  • Furniture
  • Books
  • Supplies needed for extracuricular activities
  • Scholarships

Your donations will be used to provide educational opportunities that will change the lives of many people in our community. We want to creat a world where no child is denied access to quality education because he or she cannot afford it.

Please help us make a difference!

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